3 Days getting my laptop back to normal

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by outdoorgal, May 31, 2014.

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    no virus found, so could not figure out what happened. Things just started going wrong. By fixing it myself, by reading articles, forum "opinions" and work-arounds, I got it handled.

    I just want to say, if you like Norton, that's fine, you've never had a problem with it most likely. I don't use it, don't want it. But I had to do a Factory Restore to straighten out all that went wrong with my system (Win 7.) and yep, Norton was added back on. No problem uninstalling Norton, but the Norton PC Checkup was a "clingon" and as far as I am concerned, nothing but a virus, or at best, adware.

    So I spent 3 days putting things back in order, and I have learned to be much, more vigilant about what I download, how often I run my "tool fixes" etc. I did find (thanks to a sweet geek I met on Majorgeeks) after about 10 tries (none of which worked to get rid of Norton PC Check) a program called Malwarebytes Assassin. Cannot recommend it enough, for deleting "undelete-able" files. Also, another neat tool I found that lists all files, and you can delete from it's list (be sure of what you are deleting) is called Everything. Loved it too. It did not allow me to remove the Norton files though. It's still a good tool though I think if you want to scope it out:)
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