Apple & Samsung CEOs planning to attend mediation before upcoming patent case

Discussion in 'Mac' started by Linkzelda41, Jan 11, 2014.

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    Tim Cook of Apple, and Oh-Hyuan Kwon of Samsung made an agreement to attend a mediation session before their soon to be patent case. The purpose of the session is to hopefully see how they could plan for their inevitable disputes, and previous encounters such as this ended up in a series of disagreements.

    The main complaints are mostly about the composition of the Samsung phones and the iPhones. If you check the article out, there’s a visual comparative analysis of the shape of the phones over a few years. Anyway, I feel that this mediation may be counterproductive, but seeing how Cook plans to make some settlement with Samsung, maybe things can turn out differently?

    Who do you feel will win this case? Note: Apple has won several cases with other phone businesses and corporations that own certain mobile units as well consistently.

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