Apps for Backing Up the C: Drive To the D: Drive

Discussion in 'Applications' started by RedNeckJiuJitsu, Jan 30, 2014.

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    Are there any free apps that will automatically backup selected folders from one hard drive on your computer to another? My dad has 2 hard drives in his computer and wants to have some files on his C: drive back up any changes onto his D: automatically when he turns off the computer.

    Does anyone have any recomendations?
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    Windows has it's own built in backup utility actually that can do this. Though you need to dig through the options and make sure you have everything set up properly otherwise it can waste a lot of space on your drives by backing up too much stuff and/or making too many separate backups of the same files at different points in time.

    You could also check for some other freeware that may do this for you as well. Personally I prefer to just do the backups myself manually since I know exactly what files are being backed up. I don't like to back up my entire drive since it's such a waste of extra space, and it takes hours.

    Microsoft OneDrive can also back up your important files automatically to their cloud. And it's free.

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