Converting your dynamic disk to basic the non-destructive way

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    For most of you it'll be simple enough to work your way through the conversion process once you start running TestDisk.It's an open source tool.

    Download testdisk-6.14

    1. Open up the testdisk_win.exe file.
    2. A window should open up. Create a log file if you want to or just go ahead without creating one.

    3.Now it must show your physical disk followed by the partitions and of any other devices connected to your pc. TestDisk does a great job of this. It can even detect drives that windows cant due to various reasons.

    4.Select your physical drive and proceed. TestDisk will automatically figure out your partition table type. In my case it was Intel/PC.

    5.Proceed to the next step and click analyse. It will provide you with the findings. Now hit quicksearch.

    NOTE: At this point you have an option to backup your files if you aren't comfortable with proceeding.
    6. Now the trick is to use your arrow keys to toggle between the options. Once you see a ' P' stop and proceed(P for primary),select '*' for your system drive which is the active boot partition.
    7. Once you've made your change press enter and toggle with your arrow key to choose 'WRITE".
    8. Hit restart and you're done!
    You've probably heard of EaseUS patition manager or MiniTool partition wizard. But i don't think the free versions are capable of converting the dynamic disk to basic without destroying your data. But TestDisk does this and you'll find it works like a charm and you have it done in under 5 minutes,no kidding!
    I should warn you to have your Windows installation disk or recovery disc in hand because after the conversion and at restart you might need it in case a boot fails. If it does click on startup recovery and let it proceed and reboot. You are all done.

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