Do you use Debian on your web server?

Discussion in 'Debian' started by JakeNoolan, Sep 26, 2013.

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    I have dedicated 64GB AMD box running on SSDs under Debian Squeeze and wondered how many of you use Debian on your web server?

    For a control panel I use Webmin - a fantastic and free web-based interface for system administration for Unix - what do you use?
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    I like Webmin as control panel regardless the distro installed on it.

    However I prefer CentOS despite I started playing with my own VPS having Debian as my first distro choice.

    Probably this was because going straight to manage myself a server, I was server admin for a friend's server running Red Hat and I was so familiar with this operating system that when I had the choice to choose my own distro but unable to pay a commercial solution, I came across with CentOS being the open source alternative for it.

    Even though, many times I feel tempted to try Debian again because I liked at first, but it was confusing to me due to differences between this and Red Hat that today I understand better and could give it a second chance.
  3. draalin

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    I have a Debian VM that I used when testing stuff but haven't ran it in a while.

    Been using Ubuntu Server for media/school stuff at home and CentOS for work related tasks typically.

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