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    Recently, I've been using a free web browser application called Torch. It has excellent features that other browsers do not have–thus earning it the nickname "The Swiss-Army Knife of Web Browsers".

    First on the list of features is a social media sharing feature. When text or an image is selected and dragged to the left side of the window, a series of boxes will pop up, prompting you to share on various social media sites. Drag it to the right, however, and a search option will come up, featuring Web Searching, Image Searching, and even YouTube and Wikipedia!

    Second on the list of features is the simple, seamless downloading. Torch will automatically speed up most of your downloads by 4x and has a torrenting feature! This is especially useful if you like to download lots of large files.

    Media can also be downloaded straight from the webpage to your computer using a Media Download button. Just don't rip off any music or movies!

    And better yet, it's Chromium based, which means that it runs pretty much like Chrome otherwise; don't expect it to have any serious technical problems and bugs. Better yet, it'll run all of your Chrome extensions and apps.​

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