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    Ultrasurf is a free software that enables users to visit websites safely and freely through a secure, encrypted tunnel.

    • Free: Ultrasurf is free to users
    • Easy to use: Ultrasurf can be easily downloaded, and launches by double-clicking. No additional adjustments are necessary
    • Fast: Ultrasurf has been tested as one of the fastest circumvention tools, and as we continue to upgrade our server capacity, it becomes even faster and more reliable
    • Lightweight: Ultrasurf is a small program, it is easy to download and share
    • Portable: No installation necessary: can be run, e.g. in a cybercafe, off of removable media such as a USB thumbdrive or the SD card used in cameras
    • Anonymous: No registration is requires, and no personally identifying information collected
    • Transparent: Users using Ultrasurf have almost the same experience as they directly surf the web
    • Blocking resillient: Ultrasurf is one of a few circumvention tools that have been battle tested for the past ten years. It has survived many major targeted blocking attempts, and daily heavy blockings


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