Wifi has stopped working in my Galaxy S2

Discussion in 'Android' started by CrashTester, Oct 19, 2014.

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    I wonder whether anyone has any suggestions on how to fix a wifi problem on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

    It was all working fine up until I took a flight a few months back and after putting my phone in to flight mode for the journey home I noticed that after it was all turned back on my wifi function has stopped working.

    When I click on the wifi setting it just doesn't toggle on and off. My software is up to date, no newer versions available for my phone. I have searched the internet for suggested solutions and I can see a lot of reports of similar issues but no real solution that has worked for me.

    Apart from this one thing my phone works fine. I have a work phone which keeps me connected and can run all the apps I want but I would really like my own S2 to be able to connect to the internet again. Any suggestions?

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