Windows 8 & 10 opinons: does these Windows improved the update of software?

Discussion in 'Windows' started by CallFreq, Aug 22, 2015.

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    One of the most boring thing that happens with Windows is the software update. Often, there's either many, many software updating systems colliding and starting at Windows' start up, or rather they doesn't auto update at all and you have to download yourself the setup once again to upgrade the software, requiring an unneeded hassle.

    Now, Windows has a store and I wonder if it improved the situation or if it looks pretty like what happens since 15 years of Windows NT - stupid updating system, no software installation handling, that gets too boring. As I'm still on Windows 7, I can't tell much so far.
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    Well, since I have disabled Windows Update, I can't say too much, excepting that on Windows 8 it still runs an automated task for maintenance every night, same I have not found a way to disable.

    I hate Windows Updates because most of the times these tend to ruing an operating system this is working hassle free, but with those patches that they invent every now and then, system begins to be unstable.

    Not with this because, as said above, updates are disabled, but happened to me with previous operating system that I ingeniously believe to improve by letting the updates get installed.

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