Windows 8 Software Compatiblity

Discussion in 'Applications' started by MyDigitalpoint, Nov 10, 2013.

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    Any of you using Windows 8 have realized this?

    Those old Windows Vista software compatibility issues is now gone.

    With Microsoft's new operating system now almost any old app or software can run without the nasty message saying that we have to try using the compatibility mode, or refusing to run.

    It was to me a nice surprise being able to run again old 16 and 32 bit programs that I used to have running with Window 3.1 and then with Windows 95 and Windows 98SE, applications that I never found a modern equivalent to make what they are capable to do for you.

    Have you seen this? or have you face any software compatibility issue with Windows 8?
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    There are a couple of compatibility issues considering it was released a few months ago and developers are trying to come up with new versions of their softwares. It might be another few months before we see compatibility free issues in softwares.

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