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How to install Ubuntu Server 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

Ubuntu Server 13.04 is the newest version released by Canonical which is code named Raring Ringtail.

This guide will just go through the basic steps of installing Ubuntu Server 13.04 from beginning to end.

You can download Ubuntu Server 13.04 from Canonical here.

Lets begin!


Installing Ubuntu Server 13.04

Select what language you would like to install. I am going to use English.



Select Install Ubuntu Server.



Select what your keyboard layout is. I am going to use English (US).



Select what your keyboard origin is. I am going to use English (US).



Select No.



Select what your location is. I am going to use United States.



Select what your language is. I am going to use English.



Type in the host name you want to configure your server as. In this case I used the name Server.



Type in your name. I used mine Tyler Bailey.



Type in a username that you will use to login to the machine with. In this case I used draalin.



Type in a password for the username you created above.



Type in the password again to confirm that you typed it in correctly the first time.



I recommend selecting No because if your hard driver ever gets corrupted and you need to retrieve information it will be much easier to access it.



Select No unless this is actually your time zone.



Select your timezone from the list, I am going to use New York.



Select Guided – use entire disk and setup LVM as it is the default and preferred method since you can always Re-size, create snapshots have many other options further down the road if you want to modify your hard disk.



Select the partition of your choice, we are going to use the default and only option we have here which is the SCSI3.



Select Yes as we want to begin writing changes to the disk.



Allow the default amount if you want to use the whole disk, which we are doing in this case which is 8.3 GB. If you do not want to use the whole disk you can change the amount respectfully.



Select Yes to write to the disk.



Select Continue unless you are using a proxy, in this case we are not.



Select No automatic updates as we will deal with updates once the installation is complete.



Select continue, you can manually choose what you want to install later.



Select Yes as having the GRUB boot loader on the disk is nice to have when managing multiple operating systems or dealing with cloned/modified operating systems.



Select continue and remove the disk or image.



Type in your username you created earlier. I used draalin.



Type in your password you created earlier to login.



That is it, you are now logged in to your new Ubuntu server 13.04!



I have added a gallery below of more in detail steps of the process of installing Ubuntu Server 13.04.

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About Tyler Bailey

Tyler Bailey is a university student who owns and runs draalin.com. Follow me on
  • Vicky Jain

    Thanks for the detailed step-by-step snapshot.
    I am a basic user with very little knowledge on usage of Ubuntu and have been for a long time comfortable with the graphic user interface of Windows and Mac. Now given that, i was wondering if there is any way of using Ubuntu 13.04 server as a GUI front end than on a command prompt.


    • draalin

      You need to have a display manager of some sort installed on it. You could use something like ubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop or one of many others.

      All of them as far as I know can be installed through apt-get.

      Also if they don’t boot into the GUI directly you might have to type “startx” in the command prompt for it to load.