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How to tether your Samsung Galaxy S4

Want to use your laptop, tablet or even desktop in a location that doesn’t have internet access? You can easily resolve that by tethering your Samsung Galaxy S4 with the selected device or devices!

So there are two different ways you can use your Samsung Galaxy S4 to tether! You have the choice between using your S4 as a Portable Wi-Fi hotspot which is essentially using your phone as a router that broadcasts a Wi-Fi connection to those who want to connect. The other method to tether your S4 is to use the USB tethering mode, simply plug your phone into your desktop, computer or whatever device you want to get internet access to and enable the tether option!

Now let’s get your Samsung Galaxy S4 tethered!

If you are trying to figure out how to do this on your Galaxy S5 check out our Galaxy S5 hotspot guide.

Method 1: Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

With this method you can use your Samsung Galaxy S4 to tether to multiple devices! Your phone will act as a router that broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal which allows devices to connect to it! Let’s get started.

First swipe down to open your notification screen and selection the gear icon in the top right corner.

Screenshot below:



Click More Networks.

Screenshot below:



Click Tethering and portable hotspot.

Screenshot below:



Enable the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot by swiping the button over to the right.

Screenshot below:



Click the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot area itself to open up further configuration.

Screenshot below:



Here you can see what is currently connected to your hotspot. Obviously nothing is yet connected as you can see.

Make sure you connect to the Wi-Fi network listed and use the password it has given you!

Screenshot below:



Here you can see we have a device called T1 connected to our hotspot, if you do not know how to connect another device to the portable Wi-Fi hotspot please follow the instructions below.

Screenshot below:



Connecting a device to your portable Wi-fi hotspot

Tether from Windows 8:

Tether from other Windows:

Checking your connection status

You can check the status of your connection through Windows network connections.

Method 2: USB tethering

With this method your Samsung Galaxy S4 will tether to the device it is connected to by USB. You cannot share this connection to multiple devices like you can with the portable Wi-Fi hotspot mode.

Let’s get started. First connect your Samsung Galaxy s4 to the device you want to share its connection with.

Now swipe down to open your notification screen and selection the gear icon in the top right corner.

Screenshot below:



Click More Networks.

Screenshot below:



Click Tethering and portable hotspot.

Screenshot below:



Select the check box to enable USB tethering.

Screenshot below:



That is it, your device can how internet access through USB to your S4!

Screenshot below:


Checking your connection status

You can check the status of your connection through Windows network connections.


Final thoughts

These methods should also works on other Samsung smartphones as well.

If you have any problems with this please, comment below or check out our forums!

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  • Dong-Je Lee

    Thanks this helped a lot. Although my plan limits the amount of data I can stream, like youtube videos and live streams, tethering will be a great backup in case my main ISP’s connection shits itself.

    • draalin

      Yeah, I my plan is pretty terrible too. I’m the same when it comes to only using it when my ISP is down and I have to do something rather important.

      Glad it helped!

  • fajar

    Can you help me with this firstly sory litle bit rusty with my grammar . But when I got my s4 I can use thatering via usb . But after I restarting my s4 to become factory mode I cant use usb thatering anymore

    • draalin

      I’m honestly not sure since I use rogers and haven’t had any problems like that after a restore.Maybe you require some proprietary software from your provider. Check out their website and see if anyone has had similar problems. Might just have to do an update with one of their apps.

  • fajar

    Can u help me with my s4 . I cant use my usb thatering after I use factory restart . Sorry with bad gramar .

  • fajar

    Already done it . And its not working . In my s4 its say conected but in my laptopcnothing happen and cnat conect to internet

    • draalin

      Did it save any settings on your laptop that it might be looking for on your phone? (Which might not be there)

  • Tina S.

    Having trouble getting mine to connect also. Downloaded driver to laptop and it doesn’t recognize it. Says error code 10. It’s windows xp. Any ideas?? Very frustrated! Thanks!

    • draalin

      Sorry, I haven’t used Windows XP in probably 5-6 years.I Googled the error though, dunno if you did. All I can really say is make sure you have all your service packs & maybe double check to make sure you got the right driver. I say this because a ton of the laptop driver websites seem pretty unorganized. I’ve been in a rush sometimes and end up getting an old version or one not compatible with my operating system.

  • http://www.cleverbs.com.au Cathy Newport

    thanks, very easy to follow instructions.