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How to import Outlook Contacts into Gmail

Although having your contacts stored in the cloud might not be as secure as having them locally in Outlook, the convenience and redundancy that comes with Google and other sync providers makes moving your contacts online a good decision for many. Fortunately, you can import Outlook contacts into Gmail in a few straightforward steps.

Let’s get your Outlook contacts imported into Gmail!

1. Open Outlook and choose File

1. Open Outlook and click on File.

2. Import:Export

2. From the menu choose Open & Export followed by Import/Export.

Note: We’ve used Outlook 2013 for this tutorial. If your version is different, some options and labels might differ.

3. Export to a file option

3. From the wizard that appears, choose Export to a file and press Next.

4. Comma Separated Values

4. Now choose Comma Separated Values and press Next.

5. Choose Contacts

5. Choose the Contacts folder and press Next.

6. Save file

6. Select a location for the contacts database by pressing the Browse button. We recommend an easily accessible location like your Desktop. Press Next when ready. Now press Finish and wait for the process to complete.

7. Log in Google

7. Close Outlook and open Gmail using your browser of choice and we’ll begin moving your Outlook contacts to Google.

8. Tap on Gmail and Contats

8. Tap on Gmail and from the dropdown menu choose Contacts.

9. Import

9. Click on the More button and from the dropdown menu choose Import.

10. Upload file

10. Upload the file you created in Outlook and choose Import.

11. Done

11. A new group containing all imported contacts will be created. You can then proceed to resolve duplicates if you wish. Also, you can delete the contacts database you created in Step 6.

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