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How to import Outlook Contacts into Gmail

Although having your contacts stored in the cloud might not be as secure as having them locally in Outlook, the convenience and redundancy that comes with Google and other sync providers makes moving your contacts online a good decision for many. Fortunately, you can import Outlook contacts into Gmail in a few straightforward steps. Let’s get your Outlook contacts imported into …

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How to Import Outlook Contacts Into Outlook.com

Until just a few years ago, the PC was the only computer that we used to store contact information about other people and to communicate and collaborate with them. But with the recent rapid advances in handheld devices, we increasingly find ourselves needing to stay in touch while on the go. This multi-device paradigm is forcing many people to rethink …

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How To Change Your Netflix Password

Netflix Old Vs New

Netflix is the perfect place to rent or watch different DVD’s. It offers excellent service and hundreds and hundreds of different titles to search. Netflix allows everyone to stream movies using a computer or a smartphone. The website is very easy to use and the shipping is very fast as well. I believe it is probably one of the most …

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