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Raspberry Pi Projects

It has been just over a year since the Raspberry Pi was released! Over the past year we have seen a ton of cool and amazing Raspberry Pi projects developed by the community! I have made a collection of what I believe are some of the unique and innovation uses of the Raspberry Pi!

Major categories of current Raspberry Pi Projects below!


GPIO Home automation – An easy way to control the lights in your house. All it takes is a few tools and a home owner can hook up their Raspberry Pi’s to their houses electrical box. You can then control your house lights and or power loads with your smart phone or other mobile devices! But your Raspberry Pi requires an internet connection for this project.

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Solar-Powered Raspberry Pi – This Raspberry Pi project allows you to run your Pi off of sunlight! All you need is a car USB power adapter, car power socket, battery and solar panel! Set it up in an nice sunny area and watch it go to work.

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Media Centers

Pandora Jukebox – Stream your Pandora music through a custom built Jukebox built with a breadboard, PI Cobbler, LCD screen, 6 buttons and a few resistors!

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Beet Box – Uses captive touch sensors to let you play beats with beats… and of course the Raspberry Pi! One of the more quirky projects in the community.

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Arcade Table – Requires some of woodworking skills to do this one. This Raspberry Pi project play’s your old school arcade games, check e-mails, look at pictures or anything else you want!

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All in one Computer – Doesn’t have to be for gaming, but you can easily setup an all in one computer with tight budget setup! Good for small areas or even just reduced electricity.

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Camera Pi (DSLR) – Create a DSLR Camera with an embedded computer! Wanted a camera with wireless tethering? Pictures are automatically sent to your PC or mobile device? Check it out!

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One-Button Audio book – Don’t want to deal with an MP3 player, or put audio books on your smart phone? Just load them up on onto a USB and follow this walk through!

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RPI-Wireless-Hotspot – One of the more practical Raspberry Pi projects that allows you to create a wireless hot spot! Great for extending a wireless routers coverage.

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Raspberry Pi Web Server – Simple concept for a Raspberry Pi project and is relativity easy to do. Though it won’t handle enterprise traffic it will be fine for hosting a landing page or just to host a few files.

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Automatic Picture Frame – Essentially appears the same as a digital picture frame that cycles through your pictures that you would buy from a electronic store. But what’s cool about this is it can pull pictures from a popular art site! In this case it will pull pictures from Deviant Art throughout the day!


KindleBerry Pi – Use your kindle as a monitor for your Raspberry Pi! Get a few USB cables, keyword and follow this guide!

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Other Raspberry Pi Projects

There are other Raspberry Pi projects within the community. Those were just a few of the more popular ones that focused on much more of a DIY (Do it yourself) approach.

One of the most popular Raspberry Pi projects to date though is that isn’t exactly a DIY project. It is more of a just “install this and you are done" type of project. It is the Raspberry Pi XBMC.

Raspberry Pi XBMC – Probably the cheapest Raspberry Pi media center you can run. For those who haven’t heard of the term XBMC, (Xbox Media Center) its a free and open source media player application that play movies, music, display pictures and among other things. You can also install various plugins for watching YouTube videos, streaming websites like justin.tv and twitch.tv or even watch regular your regular TV channels!

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Final Thoughts

That is it for this quick run through of some of the more popular Raspberry Pi projects.

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  • Andrew P

    I personally use my raspberry pi with my xbmc.