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How to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Taking a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screenshot, screen capture, snap shot, print screen, or whatever else you want to call it is pretty straight forward! Don’t worry you don’t need an app to take screenshots. There are 4 different ways you can take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 3, so we’ll through them by difficulty starting with the easiest!

If you still don’t know why you would want to take a screenshot on your Note 3, there are many reasons! Maybe you want to capture a high score on your favorite game, save some configuration settings for later use, or just have something you want to capture!

With that said lets get you taking some screenshots on your Note 3!

Note: All of these methods will notify you from 1 to 3 ways of when a screenshot has been captured:

  1. The screen will flash.
  2. You will hear a capture like sound.
  3. The top of the screen will display the text “Saving screenshot…”.

Method 1 (Using the hand swipe to take a screenshot on the Note 3)

Ensure you have the Palm Motion setting enabled by browsing through:

Apps -> Settings -> Controls -> Palm Motion (Enable by moving the switch) -> Capture screen (Enable by moving the switch)

  1. Now place your hand on the right side of the Note 3′s phone screen so you are covering it completely vertically.
  2. Swipe your hand from the current right position of the Note 3′s screen to the left side.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screenshot

Use your hand to swipe across the Note 3′s screen to take a screenshot.

Method 2 (Home + Power button to take a screenshot on the Note 3)

This is one of the oldest ways you can take a screenshot on android devices.

  1. Hold down the home button and power button simultaneously.

Method 3 (First way of using the S Pen to take a screenshot on the Note 3)

Taking a screenshot this way requires the use of the S Pen stylus!

  1. Using the button on your S Pen press and hold it for a few seconds followed by placing the pen on the Note 3′s screen.
  2. You will have a menu display at the top of your screen. The screenshot has been taken but you now have the option to further edit it if you want!

Method 4 (Second way of using the S Pen to take a screenshot on the Note 3)

Once again this way requires the use of the S Pen stylus, though it is a bit more advanced.

  1. Place the S Pen just above your Note 3′s screen. Now press and hold the S Pen button to display the Air Command menu.
  2. Now select screen write to take a screenshot!

Accessing your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screenshot!

If you want to find out where exactly the screenshots have been saved you can view them by going through:

For methods 1,2,4 -> Gallery -> Screenshots

For method 3 -> Gallery -> IMG_edited

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