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Installing SABnzbd in Ubuntu


SABnzbd is an open source binary newsreader. You can find the offical SABnzbd website here for more details.  Anyways, SABnzbd is written in python and is a fairly light weight application. If you don’t yet know, using SABnzbd makes Usenet straight forward as it can automate almost anything with the proper configuration along side using other applications for example Sickbeard (TV …

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Aptus – The Phonebook Solution For Asterisk!


This Asterisk based phone book solution is a new product that is going to be released by Aptus Telecom in the near future! With it you can easily consolidate all of your companies contacts in one place without worrying about having to constantly share names and numbers all while maintaining the privacy you want! Integrate all of your contacts from …

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How to tether your Samsung Galaxy S4


Want to use your laptop, tablet or even desktop in a location that doesn’t have internet access? You can easily resolve that by tethering your Samsung Galaxy S4 with the selected device or devices! So there are two different ways you can use your Samsung Galaxy S4 to tether! You have the choice between using your S4 as a Portable …

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Raspberry Pi Projects


It has been just over a year since the Raspberry Pi was released! Over the past year we have seen a ton of cool and amazing Raspberry Pi projects developed by the community! I have made a collection of what I believe are some of the unique and innovation uses of the Raspberry Pi! Major categories of current Raspberry Pi Projects below! …

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What is the Raspberry Pi?


You may or may not have heard the term “Raspberry Pi“. Well if you haven’t; it is a credit-card sized computer that that is capable of doing what a desktop computer can do! Such as anything from word-processing to playing games. Just connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and you are good to go! Here you will find some Raspberry Pi …

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How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4


Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy! One of the cool things you can do with having a smartphone is being able to capture the current screen, in this case on the Samsung Galaxy S4! Doesn’t matter if it is a high score in Angry Birds or maybe just save some configuration settings on your phone that …

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Using Classic Shell in Windows 8


Classic Shell is a great way to get that Windows 7 look and feel back! As many people know Windows 8 does not have a start button by default! Though Microsoft’s modern-style boot screen will most likely become accepted at some point, some of us are not used to or want to bother with the metro design. So lets get started …

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Advanced Asterisk configuration in Ubuntu


This is a advanced Asterisk configuration tutorial for Ubuntu. I am assuming you have already installed Asterisk, if you haven’t check out my other tutorial found here for how to install Asterisk. Or if you are interested in a more simple setup check out my Basic Asterisk configuration here. If you do not have a Vo-IP registrar I prefer voip.ms. If …

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Basic Asterisk configuration in Ubuntu


This is a basic Asterisk configuration tutorial for Ubuntu. I am assuming you have already installed Asterisk, if you haven’t check out my other tutorial found here for how to install Asterisk. After completing this guide your Asterisk will be able to : Host calls locally Access mail boxes We will be editing the following files: sip.conf extensions.conf voicemail.conf These files …

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How to install Ubuntu Desktop 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)


Ubuntu Desktop 13.04 is the newest version released by Canonical which is code named Raring Ringtail. This guide will just go through the basic steps of installing Ubuntu Desktop 13.04 from beginning to end. You can download Ubuntu Desktop 13.04 from Canonical here. Lets begin!   Installing Ubuntu Desktop 13.04 Select what language you would like to install. I am going to …

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