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Samsung Galaxy S4 Reset Walkthrough


With this Samsung Galaxy S4 Reset Walkthrough you can easily bring your S4 back to its factory default settings in no time! Many people reset their S4 for various reasons. The most common reason people reset their S4 is because they want to sell it and not leave any personal information on it, which of course is very important! Another …

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Best free Android apps for 2013


Android apps for 2013 Since getting my Samsung Galaxy S4 back in May I have come across a ton of cool android apps. Most of them I use all the time. I found the following to be the most “useful” best free android apps since that time. This top 10 best free android apps for 2013 is in no particular order! The top …

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Writing your first Java program


In this Java tutorial we will create and run our first Java program. Remember that the best way to start learning any programming language is through practice. So lets get started! Note: Remember that in order to create and run java programs you need to not only download java, but have it installed on your computer as well. Also you …

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Installing SABnzbd in Ubuntu


SABnzbd is an open source binary newsreader. You can find the offical SABnzbd website here for more details.  Anyways, SABnzbd is written in python and is a fairly light weight application. If you don’t yet know, using SABnzbd makes Usenet straight forward as it can automate almost anything with the proper configuration along side using other applications for example Sickbeard (TV …

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Aptus – The Phonebook Solution For Asterisk!


This Asterisk based phone book solution is a new product that is going to be released by Aptus Telecom in the near future! With it you can easily consolidate all of your companies contacts in one place without worrying about having to constantly share names and numbers all while maintaining the privacy you want! Integrate all of your contacts from …

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How to tether your Samsung Galaxy S4


Want to use your laptop, tablet or even desktop in a location that doesn’t have internet access? You can easily resolve that by tethering your Samsung Galaxy S4 with the selected device or devices! So there are two different ways you can use your Samsung Galaxy S4 to tether! You have the choice between using your S4 as a Portable …

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Writing your first C++ program


In this tutorial for C++ we will create and run our first C++ program. Remember that the best way to start learning any programming language is through practice. So lets get started!   First thing we need to do is create our project file. Open up Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express and browse through the following settings: File -> New …

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What is a 3D Printer?


Well a 3D printer is a printer that can print out three-dimensional objects based on a digital model that you give it! This short write up will brief you on the various materials you can print with, the industries that these printers are being used in. As well how much they cost and where you can buy one! Picture of the …

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Learn C++ Programming


Why would you want to learn C++ programming anyways? First of all this is the first to come of many more C++ tutorials. I will update this tutorial at the top with a link to the next chapter each time a new one is released! People should learn c++ or coding in general because it can be fun! To be …

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What is the Raspberry Pi?


You may or may not have heard the term “Raspberry Pi“. Well if you haven’t; it is a credit-card sized computer that that is capable of doing what a desktop computer can do! Such as anything from word-processing to playing games. Just connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and you are good to go! Here you will find some Raspberry Pi …

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