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Aptus – The Phonebook Solution For Asterisk!

This Asterisk based phone book solution is a new product that is going to be released by Aptus Telecom in the near future!

With it you can easily consolidate all of your companies contacts in one place without worrying about having to constantly share names and numbers all while maintaining the privacy you want!

Integrate all of your contacts from your mobile phones, Google contacts or your Highrise CRM to all to your Asterisk IP Phone! You can view detailed call history logs and even monitor and control real-time calls!

You can check out Aptus’s website here!

Main Features

Phone book Contacts

You can easily sync different contact lists with the phone book integration. Doesn’t matter if its a local contact list you have on a file , Google contacts or internal extensions within your company.

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Below is just an example of how your mobile contacts can be synced over your Contacts tab in the phone book.


Highrise CRM

With Highrise CRM you can easily manage contact information by making notes, listening to recordings or any other contact information you wish to have on a personalized page.

More info found here on highrise CRM information!

You can easily create a “Phone book” that can be shared with anyone you wish through a slick online interface. That is right, no need to install 3rd party software!


Call History

With call history you can control who has access to what contacts and who has the ability to add, modify or delete them! You can also tag calls or view calls by contact type to easily separate both work and personal calls.

Aptus has rolled out functionality that allows you to:

  • View call history
  • View call notes
  • Recordings of calls

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Below you can see a history log of the recent calls that have been made. Including the contacts name, duration of the call, time it was made & more!


Active Calls

With active calls you have complete control over any ongoing call in your phone book. These calls can be easily managed and controlled however you want.

Real-time features:

  • View live call information
  • Put calls on hold
  • Transfer calls
  • Create conference calls
  • Migrate a live call from IP Phone to mobile without dropping the call! Or vice versa.

More info found here on active call information!

Below you can see how it is possible to view real-time calls, you have various options as you can see such as creating conferences or migrating a live call from one device such as an IP Phone directly to a mobile device!


Final thoughts

Aptus has a great looking product going for them. This Asterisk based phone book has all of the essential tools consolidated in one place to share and manage your calls and contacts!

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