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Best free Android apps for 2013

Android apps for 2013

Since getting my Samsung Galaxy S4 back in May I have come across a ton of cool android apps. Most of them I use all the time. I found the following to be the most “useful” best free android apps since that time. This top 10 best free android apps for 2013 is in no particular order!

The top 10 List for best free Android apps for 2013

 1. Google Chrome Browser


  • The Google Chrome Browser app is probably one of the most used android apps! You can easily sync up with your other Google Chrome Brower’s logins, bookmarks and even opened tabs on other devices. It also has a browse in incognito mode like the desktop version.

2. Google Maps


  • This Google Maps app is same one you would find on your desktop browser. But with this one you can also use GPS tracking and explore new places quickly! You can also easily swap over to Google Navigation if you need a detailed step by step guide on how to get somewhere.

3. Google Calendar


  • With the Google Calendar app you can easily sync to any of your Google accounts that already have calendars. Set up different types of notification such as e-mail or text so you don’t miss any events.

4. Google Keyboard


  • The Google Keyboard app allows you to easily glide through letters with Gesture Typing. This means you don’t need to lift a finger off of your keyboard until you have completed the word! Out of all the Android apps you typically forget about this one as it replaces your current keyboard.

5. Google Drive


  • The Google Drive app can access all of your stored files in one place. Open, modify or share them with anyone at any time. Everything you can do in the desktop browser version you can do with this as well.

6. Sleep as Android


  • The Sleep as Android app is an alarm clock that comes with a sleep tracker! It wakes you up at the optimal time depending on your current stage of sleep. You can also review your sleep statistics and figure out what you can do to get a better sleep! This is one of my favorite android apps since it can hypothetically improve your sleep!

7. Clean Master


  • With the Clean Master app you can configure it complete various tasks such as clearing up or freeing memory on your Android device. It can clear cache files as well as residual files that take up a ton of room. Clean Master can also clear browser history and personal information. You can even move apps to an SD card or kill apps on the fly!

8. AVG AntiVirus


  • The AVG AntiVirus app is great. Many of you may of used the desktop version before. It is great for scanning any apps, files or media in real time. It has a few of settings for monitoring your battery, storage or data usage. It can lock or wipe your device remotely if you ever lost it too!

9. The Weather Network


  • The Weather Network app is great for keeping track of the weather. Check out current, hourly, daily or weekly forecasts. You can also configure it to text message you if they issue a storm warning.

10. Pocket Cloud


  • With the Pocket Cloud app you can easily RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to any computer you have access to. It also has support for VNC (Virtual Network Computing) if you don’t or can’t use RDP.

Final thoughts for my best free Android apps for 2013

Like I said this is my best free android list for “useful” apps. I use almost all of them on a daily basis for school, work or personal use.

Some of them took me a while to get used to when I was playing around with them on my Samsung Galaxy S4, but it was definitely worth it!

I’m sure I missed some other useful Android apps out there. Feel free to mention them below.

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