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How to block text messages on Android Devices

If you have been receiving some annoying texts, here are a few ways to block them:

Add To Spam Feature

This is one of the easiest ways to block text messages. Open all your messages. Put your finger on one of the messages that come from the unwanted sender. Try to hold the finger down. You should see a menu that is asking you to choose one of the three options:

  • Delete

  • View Contact

  • Add to spam numbers

Block Android Text Messages With The Spam Feature

You should select the last option and add the unwanted number into your blocking list. This is how you block someone. To be sure that the process is successful a small window that says: This number will be added to your spam numbers, should appear. Press OK to complete the process.

Contact Your Carrier

Block Text Messages On Android Devices

The second most used method to block unwanted calls or text messages is to contact your carrier. To make the whole process easier, simply visit the website of your carrier. Almost every carrier has an option which allows you to block unwanted calls or text messages. They differ from carrier to carrier. Most of the spam texts come from email addresses and they are sent from an email account. If your carrier allows you to block someone, you should choose the option that says block all text messages sent as email. But always be careful when you choose to block someone, because you may regret it later. This can result in blocking some important text messages. If none of this works for you, contact your carrier by calling them. Give them all the details of the sender and they will add it into a block list immediately.

Use An Application

Using An Application To Block Android Text Messages

Android users have the option to download an application that blocks text messages. Simply go to your Play Store and type SMS Block on the search bar. You will find hundreds and hundreds of different applications, some of them free and some of them paid. To choose the right one you must read the descriptions and some of the reviews. But they work on the same principle. After downloading and installing the right application you will see the option: Block unknown numbers. By choosing this option you’ll block every text that comes from unknown numbers. If you can’t find it, try searching it in the Settings menu of the application.

All numbers that are not written in your contact list will be blocked. Always be careful before choosing this method, because you may block some important numbers. But you can always review the numbers of the people who send you the texts. There is also an option that allows you to block only a specific numbers. This is a good option to block someone that’s been bothering you with annoying texts. Simply add the number to the block list. Almost every text blocking application offers an option to choose numbers from your contact list. If the number is not in your contact list you can enter it manually of course. If you don’t want to receive spam messages add the keywords that appear in the text in your block list. This option allows blocking only the spam messages in case you don’t want to block all unknown numbers. Make sure you check all the numbers you’ve added to your block list.

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