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    Hi! I'm a students currently majoring in EET, and was hoping to learn some networking on the side. I was planning to go to Graduate school at Georgia Tech because it's the best university that's closest to me (Mississippi,) and I am open to opinions if you know of a better university. I'm just a freshman so I'm still learning the ropes. I did however learn how to use Ubuntu:penguin: on my own and am planning (when I have the time) to learn the basics of other distros. I made the mistake of taking a summer coarse and now that everything's so compact I barely have time to learn what I want to learn:(. So I'm hoping I can read up and post on things that can help me learn with what little time I get each day.
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    Hi biohazard,

    I feel the same about not having enough time to learn things on the side while attending school Lol. Not enough time in the day!

    Ubuntu is a good choice for learning, especially for networking. Tons of different tools you can easily download and run to play around with. (Tons are scripts, so at least you can understand how they are working!)

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