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How to delete all contacts on Android

Trying to figure out how to delete all of your contacts on your Android device? Well there’s a quicker way than doing them one by one if you have a ton of them! We have two different methods below that we’ll show you. Both are easy and quick to follow.

Method 1 – Deleting From You

Note: This will only remove the contacts from your Android device! If you would like to remove it from your actual Android account follow method two below.

  • First navigate to the Settings window on your Android device followed by the Accounts window.
  • Find your Google Account in the list and open it up and uncheck the Sync Contacts box.
  • Selecting Your Google Account On Your Android Device
  • Now navigate back to the Settings window followed by More window then finally the Manage Applications.
  • From here choose All followed by Contacts Storage.
  • When you’re ready to wipe your contacts from your device tap Clear Data.

Method 2 – Clearing From Your Account

With this method you’ll be removing your contacts from your Android account itself. This way it will automatically remove any contacts on your Android devices that sync to the Android database on Google!

  • First login to your Gmail account through a web browser.
  • Now in your top left corner open up the Contacts tab.
    • If you don’t see it you might have to first click the drop-down arrow labeled Gmail followed by selecting Contacts.
    • Select Contacts In Google
  • Now select the check box in the top left row to select all of your contacts.
  • Click the More tab followed by Delete Contacts.
  • Next time you use any of your Android devices that automatically syncs with Google it will clear all of your contacts.

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