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How to disable the Apple Software Update Screen

So you’re doing something on your PC and out of nowhere the Apple Software Update app kicks in and disrupts your workflow. While it is generally a good idea to use the most up-to-date software, such distractions can cost you a lot in terms of time and concentration. In this how-to we’ll show you the steps needed to ensure that Apple Software Update never bothers you again.

Method One: Recommended

The first method of silencing Apple Software Update is to change the preferences of the app. To do so:

1. Open Apple Software Update
Open Apple Software Update

1. Press the Start button and type “Apple Software Update”. In all likelihood Windows will find the app after the first few letters are typed in.

2. Cancel New Updates
Cancel New Updates

2. Launch the app and press the Cancel button when it starts checking for updates to save some time.

3. From the menubar choose Edit followed by Preferences.

3. Choose Never or Optionally Monthly
Choose Never or Optionally Monthly

4. In the Schedule tab, choose Never. The default setting here should be Weekly. If you’d like to simply reduce the frequency of update checks, you can choose Monthly rather than Never.

5. Press OK and close the application.

Method Two: Advanced

If for some reason the recommended method didn’t fix the issue, continue reading to find out how to manually remove the scheduled event that launches the Apple Software Update app and asks it to check for updates.

1. Open Schedule Tasks
Open Schedule Tasks

1. Press the Start button and type “Schedule Tasks”.

2. Open Apple
Open Apple

2. Launch the Schedule Tasks app and expand the Task Scheduler Library to see all of your scheduled tasks.

3. Select AppleSoftwareUpdate
Select AppleSoftwareUpdate

3. Select the Apple subfolder and then select the AppleSoftwareUpdate task.

4. Delete the Scheduled task
Delete the Scheduled task

4. Choose Delete either by right-clicking on the task or via the right sidebar.

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