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How to enable or disable Kids Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5

All of us had the need to turn on a kids mode at least once. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 here is how to enable or disable kids mode:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

How to Enable Kids Mode

The first thing you need to do is Install the Kids Mode. To proceed with the process, go to the home screen, tap and hold an area of your screen. You will see the Widgets option available and you need to tap it. To select the Kids mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5 you must swipe multiple screens. You will be asked to install the application by selecting OK and Install. Then you will notice a Launch option and a Set PIN option. Try to put a PIN you will easily remember. In case you forget it, insert a password. After that you will be able to setup the S5 kids mode. Choose the applications you want your kids to use and click Finish. When you are ready, give your phone to your child and let him/ her enjoy the wonderful experience. They will be very thankful.

Enable Kids Mode On Your Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Disable Kids Mode

Disabling  Kids Mode is much easier than you think. Just tap the icon you see in the lower –right corner. You will be asked to enter your PIN number. In case you forgot it, enter your password.

However, the Kids Mode from Samsung is great way to entertain your kids and keep them busy while you work.

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