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Great Project Ideas For The New Intel Edison

If you haven’t yet heard of or seen the new Intel Edison you should defiantly check it out! At only $50 a pop you’ll be surprised at what this little thing can do. Like most of these small computing platforms coming out we expect to see a wide range of projects developed. It’s still early and there isn’t many DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials out yet, but in the future that’ll change.

Though for now what we have below are some are some of the cool projects already developed by technology enthusiasts around the world!

Intel-Edison based systems

Edison Video Monitoring System

This is a Edison-based monitoring system, with both motion detection as well as a cloud/social connection. The project creator says you’ll need an operating system image which contains a motion and uvcvideo module. He also says you’ll be able to send notifications to Twitter and log your data in Google Drive!

You can check out the project itself here and the GitHub repository here for all of the required dependencies.

Edison-Based Monitoring System
Edison-Based Monitoring System as seen at the 2014 Intel Developer Forum.

Edison in Near-Space

Why not send your Edison into space? The Austin-based Intel team sent the Edison into space with the help of a Helium-filled weather balloon, GPS system, and a GoPro camera. After about 2 hours and climbing 100,000 feet the balloon bursted (As you can see in the image below!) . You can read more about it here on Intel’s community pages.

Edison in Near-Space!
Edison in Near-Space!

Edison-powered 3D printed “Jimmy” robot

This year at the Intel Developer Forum we got to take a look at what the new Intel Edison chip can really do. Though this might be a bit pricey for your average do it yourself project as the Intel Core i5 processor itself cost $1,600! This doesn’t include the starter kit used for the endoskeleton made by Trossen Robotics.

Though if you are into robotics and programming this may be right up your ally! You can read more about Jimmy the robot from The Inquirer here.

Intel Edison 3D 3D Printed Robot
Jimmy the robot seen at the 2014 Intel Developer Forum.

What do you is next for the Intel Edison?

We would love to read your comments below on the possibilities of the new Intel Edison chip. Whether it’s wearables and Internet Of Things or larger scale projects, we want to know what you think will be next.

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