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Installing Asterisk in Ubuntu

Asterisk is a tool that enables PBX (Private Branch Exchange) integration.

Before we start installing asterisk you should know that this Asterisk PBX enables a PSTN (public switched telephone network) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connection to communicate with one another. In this guide I will just show you how to install Asterisk.

Lets start installing asterisk!

Type in the following line to initiate the asterisk install process.

sudo apt-get install asterisk



Type when you are prompted with the Do you want to continue [Y/n]? message.



Here you will see the default ITU-T telephone code of 61. But in our case if you are in North America as I am you will want to change it to 1



Replace 61 with 1 and continue.



That is it you are now done installing asterisk, but we should check a few things.



Now lets launch the Asterisk CLI (Command Line Interface) to see if it is running, which is should be.

Type in the following line.

sudo asterisk -r



You can see below that you are now logged into the CLI of Asterisk. Now you just have to configure it!



To get out of the CLI you can type the following line.




That is it you are done the install asterisk guide and you have a working login. You can now start configuring your Asterisk PBX!

If you got stuck installing asterisk please go to our forums here.

You can also go to the official Asterisk website found here for more details regarding your Asterisk install.

I have added a gallery below for extra support.

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