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Have you been keeping up with the Intel Edison changes?

First unveiled at CES in January 2014. Intel Edison was announced to be the size of an SD card but that changed a few months later. Switching from being based on Quark SoC to the Atom chip. There reasoning was the Atoms ability to deliver more power as well as provide more connectivity options.

Anyways here is what I have collected so far about Intels newest tiny computer! If you feel that I left anything out please leave a comment below.

Intel Edison Quark SoC
This is an older photo of the Intel Edison Quark SoC before Intel decided to switch Edison over to the Atom chip.


  • Powered by an Intel Atom SoC (With 22nm Silvermont)
  • Built-in Bluebooth, Wi-Fi, Storage, Memory
  • I/O with 70-pin connector
  • Development support for Python, Node.js, Ardunio, Yocto Linux, Wolfram
  • Additional third-party app support

Shown Edison Projects

Below covers the shown demo of Edison at CES this past January.

  • Baby Monitoring System

Possible Edison Projects

A few possible uses for Intel Edison can be found below.

  • Access Point
  • Media Center
  • Web Server
  • Garage Door Opener


Intel still hasn’t given a price for Edison yet. Though many believe that it will be close in price to a similar product Intel currently sells which is the Galileo development board for $60-$70.

Release date

Originally the release date was set for mid-2014. But the recent changes to the technology has delayed that release date unfortunately.

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