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How to setup the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader

Finally it’s here, and setting up your Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader is straight forward. Though I think many will agree it was pretty annoying watching other cell phone manufacturers get the scanner before us. At least Samsung delivered right?

One thing I will say about the fingerprint reader is it is pretty awkward compared to Samsung’s counterparts. Rather than holding your finger in place you have swipe your phone in order to unlock it, I wasn’t too happy when I heard the news.

Sometimes it might take a few try’s to unlock it, but it does work in the end. Anyways I’ll stop talking now so we can get your S5 fingerprint reader setup!

How to setup the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader!

  • First unlock your phone and swipe down from the top of your screen.
  • Select the settings Gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap the Finger Scanner icon.
  • Now open up the Fingerprint Manager option.
  • Now watch the animation on the screen closely before moving on to ensure you know how register your fingerprint properly.
  • Slide your finger down bottom middle of your screen as it shows (Directly above the home button).
  • It will ask you to do this 8 times, so take your time and do it properly!
  • Now that your fingerprint has been registered, lock your phone with the power button and use your finger to get back in!
Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Reader
To unlock your phone with the fingerprint reader simply swipe your finger down the indicated area.

Additional S5 fingerprint reader support

If you are having  issues with your S5 recognizing your finger you should try a couple of things:

  • Setup multiple fingerprints (multiple fingers). Overall this just makes it easier to get into your phone if for some reason it isn’t picking up your finger print properly.
  • Typically using your thumb works the best for registering. Plus it can make it easier for you to unlock your S5 with one hand!

Still having issues? Please post below or visit our forums.

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