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How to screenshot on the iPhone 5s

Always wanted to know how to take a screenshot, picture, snapshot, screen capture or whatever else you like to call it on your iPhone 5s?  It doesn’t matter what is on your screen, if it is there you can take a screenshot of it! It could be of a picture, instruction details on how to complete a task, configuration settings on for your phone that you don’t want to forget, or anything else!

The process to take a screenshot is very straight forward so lets get started!

If you are trying to accomplish this on an iPhone 6 you should take a look at our iPhone 6 screenshot guide.

How to screenshot on the iPhone 5s

Taking the screenshot:

Once you have found something that you want to take a screenshot of on your iPhone 5s follow the guided steps below!

  • Press the Home and Power button at the exact same time as shown in the image below.
  • You will notice the screen flash white, once that occurs you will know your screenshot has been taken!
How to screenshot on the iPhone 5s
On your iPhone 5s press both the Home and Power button at the same time to produce a screenshot.

Getting the screenshot:

So now you want to view your screenshot? Easy!

  • If you are not at your home screen, press the home button to navigate back to it.
  • Open up your Photos app.
  • Select the Camera Roll app.
  • Your most recent photo will be the screenshot you have taken!

Screenshot not being taken?

Try some of these quick fixes that seem resolve most screenshot problems.

  • Restart your iPhone 5s.
  • Ensure you are pressing both the home and power button at the exact same time, it might take more than one try if you don’t do it quick enough.

If you are still having problems taking a screenshot on your iPhone 5s, post a comment below or check out our forums for additional support!

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