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How to tether your Samsung Galaxy S4

Want to use your laptop, tablet or even desktop in a location that doesn’t have internet access? You can easily resolve that by tethering your Samsung Galaxy S4 with the selected device or devices! So there are two different ways you can use your Samsung Galaxy S4 to tether! You have the choice between using your S4 as a Portable …

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Using Classic Shell in Windows 8

Classic Shell is a great way to get that Windows 7 look and feel back! As many people know Windows 8 does not have a start button by default! Though Microsoft’s modern-style boot screen will most likely become accepted at some point, some of us are not used to or want to bother with the metro design. So lets get started …

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How to install Ubuntu Server 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

Ubuntu Server 13.04 is the newest version released by Canonical which is code named Raring Ringtail. This guide will just go through the basic steps of installing Ubuntu Server 13.04 from beginning to end. You can download Ubuntu Server 13.04 from Canonical here. Lets begin!   Installing Ubuntu Server 13.04 Select what language you would like to install. I am going …

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Installing phpMyAdmin in Ubuntu

Installing phpMyAdmin in Ubuntu is fairly easy. It involves using apt-get,  determining the web server you want to configure it for, which in this case is apache2 and having the password of the MySQL database user you are configuring it for. You will also have to add a line of code in your apache2 configuration so it knows to include phpMyAdmin it in it’s web …

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