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Table of Contents Required material What is HTML? What will I learn after this? How to create an HTML document and layout a template How to create a style sheet Viewing your HTML document Changing text color Changing background color Adding an image Adding a link Adding a table Adding a video Required material In order to complete this tutorial …

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Parted Magic can be found here. You will also need to use something like UNetbootin which will install Parted Magic onto a USB or CD. It can be found here. Once you have Parted Magic installed onto some type of media device (USB / CD) reboot the system you are going to use it on and load from the media. …

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This can be used to simply back up a hard drive partition to a image or another hard drive. The example I am going to do today involves cloning a current partition over to another hard drive. Parted Magic can be found here. You will also need to use something like UNetbootin which will install Parted Magic onto a USB …

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