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How to Update Your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Kies

When it comes to updating your Samsung Galaxy S5, you can accomplish your goal in two ways: by using the built-in over-the-air updating system and by using Samsung’s Kies desktop application. While definitely more cumbersome, updating your Galaxy S5 through Kies can be a more sensible way to go, especially if you have poor wifi reception or no wifi at …

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How to enable or disable Kids Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

All of us had the need to turn on a kids mode at least once. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 here is how to enable or disable kids mode: How to Enable Kids Mode The first thing you need to do is Install the Kids Mode. To proceed with the process, go to the home screen, tap and …

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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

There is a ton of information floating Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors. As many know Samsung is the leader in device sales for android devices and and they just recently introduced the S4 before the start of the summer this year. What will the flagship phone bring to us this time? Check out the most talked about rumors below! Possible metal …

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