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How to Tether on Your iPhone 6 Plus

One of the great things about having a data plan is that you can tether on your iPhone 6 Plus whenever you’re out and about. Apple’s smartphone comes with a rather versatile personal hotspot software that allows password protection and several ways of tethering. Continue reading to learn more about personal hotspot and how to enable it.

What is Personal Hotspot?

Personal hotspot allows you to tether on your iPhone 6 Plus, using its cellular data to access the Web. There are three modes of tethering:

  • Wi-Fi – it acts like a regular hotspot you would find at home or in a café. Very fast and very long-range, but also very power-hungry.
  • Bluetooth – this device-to-device tethering option uses less battery but it’s more of a hassle to set up since both devices need to be paired prior to sharing your connection.
  • USB – in this mode your iPhone 6 Plus will act as a USB modem for your computer. On the plus side, you won’t waste your battery and even recharge your device.

Does your carrier allow tethering?

Although every iPhone 6 Plus comes with the capability to create a personal hotspot, it is up to the carrier to actually allow the functionality. Some carriers include this for free with your data plan, while others make you pay extra for it or deny it outright. If you follow this tutorial and cannot enable tethering, you most likely fall in one of the two latter categories.

The best solution would be to contact your carrier and sort things out. Another possibility would be to jailbreak your iPhone 6 Plus and install a tweak that will enable tethering.

Disclaimer: we do not condone the jailbreak option since it will probably violate the Terms of Service you’ve agreed to with your carrier.

Let’s start:

For this guide, we’ll assume that you have an iPhone 6 Plus that you can tether on and the end goal is to create a personal hotspot between the smartphone and your computer.

1. Open Settings

1. Open Settings.

2. Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled

2. Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled. If it’s not, tap on it and enable it. You do not need to connect to any Wi-Fi network. Go back to Settings’ main view when done.

3. Tap on Cellular

3. Tap on Cellular.

4. Tap on Personal Hotspot

4. Tap on Personal Hotspot.

Tip: Once you’ve used Personal Hotspot once it will be moved as a new option in Settings’ main view.

5. Set a Wi-Fi password

5. Type a new Wi-Fi password or use the one provided.

6. Switch on Personal Hotspot

6. Toggle Personal Hotspot to “On”.

Note: In order to tether on your iPhone 6 Plus, you must have the “Personal Hotspot” screen open, otherwise your other devices won’t see the Wi-Fi network.

7. Go your other Wi-Fi-enabled device and look for a network with your phone’s name. Connect to it using the password set in Step 5.

How do I change the network name?

Like we mentioned above, your device name and the network name are always the same. So if you want to make the change, you need to do the following:

1. Open Settings

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to General

2. Go to the General section.

3. Go to the About section

3. Tap on About.

4. Tap on Name

4. Tap on the Name field.

5. Enter a new name

5. Type in a new name and go back.

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