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How to use Multi Window on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Trying to figure out how to use the Multi Window functionality on your Samsung Galaxy S5? Well you found the right place! But first why would you want to use Multi Window in the first place. The first reason that comes to mind is to multitask wouldn’t you say? For example you could read with part of your screen and write an email with the other. No more tabbing between applications!

This is especially great for smart phones that have a large screen, which the Galaxy S5 has! Unfortunately I see so many people still tabbing through their applications trying to memorize information from one to the other, just use the multi window/split screen!  Anyways let me show you to setup and use the multi window functionality on your S5.

 How to setup and use Multi Window on the Galaxy S5

  • First we need to enable the function itself:
    1. Slide the notification menu down with your finger.
    2. Now press the icon in the top right corner of your screen (Looks like a 3 squares with the bottom right one as two arrows).
    3. Search for and press the icon labeled Multi window.
  • Now lets test out Multi Window.
    1. Press the home button if you aren’t already there.
    2. You will now notice a half grey circle with an arrow on the left side of your screen. Tap it.
    3. Now hold and drag an application which you would like to open to the middle of your screen.
    4. Now do it again with another application to either the top or bottom of your screen.
    5. You should now have those 2 applications open at the same time, hence multi screen!
Samsung Galaxy S5 Multi Window
Drag applications to the top or bottom of your screen with your finger to use the Multi Window functionality.

Additional Galaxy S5 Multi Window features

Now that you know the basics of how the Multi Window functionality works with the S5, let me show you what else you can do.

Changing the split bar size

  • If you don’t like the screen being split 50/50 you can adjust the sizes. You see the blue line that separates the screen and the circle in the center of it?
  • If you press and hold the circle and drag it either up or down followed by releasing it you can change the ratio of the screen which is used by each application.

Disabling the Multi Window tray

  • Don’t like the half grey circle on the middle left of your screen all the time? Well you can disable it.
  • Simply press and hold the back button on your Galaxy S5 until it disappears.
  • To enable it again just press and hold the back button again until it reappears.

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