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Using Classic Shell in Windows 8

Classic Shell is a great way to get that Windows 7 look and feel back!

As many people know Windows 8 does not have a start button by default! Though Microsoft’s modern-style boot screen will most likely become accepted at some point, some of us are not used to or want to bother with the metro design.

So lets get started with using Classic Shell. You can download it here from their website.


Installing Classic Shell

You can have Classic Shell installed in under 30 seconds. For this installation, all of the default settings are what I would of already picked so I just clicked my way through the installation.



Finish the installation and we will customize the start menu.



Configuring Classic Shell

You can now see that you do have a button in the bottom left corner of your screen, yes it looks a bit different but is your start menu.



Click the start menu and browse to the following location Classic Start Menu Settings and click it.



Select the menu style that you want. I am going to use the Windows Vista/Windows 7 style.



Click Yes so it accepts the changes.



Followed by clicking Ok to close out of this customization window.



Viewing the Classic Shell changes

Click the start menu in the bottom left corner once again. You can now see that the start menu has the Windows Vista/Windows 7 look and feel once again!



I have added a gallery below for additional support.

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