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Using Parted Magic to clone a partition

This can be used to simply back up a hard drive partition to a image or another hard drive. The example I am going to do today involves cloning a current partition over to another hard drive.

Parted Magic can be found here. You will also need to use something like UNetbootin which will install Parted Magic onto a USB or CD. It can be found here.

Once you have Parted Magic installed onto some type of media device (USB / CD) reboot the system you are going to use it on and load from the media. (Either from a boot menu that will automatically pop up or you may have to go into the bios and set it to read USB or CD-ROM first on the next boot, it all depends on your motherboard. Usually pressing one of the following will get you into bios or a boot menu: F12 or Delete)


You should be prompted with a screen like this:
Press Enter or allow it to automatically boot.
draalin2 0 Parted Magic


Select “Disk Cloning” as this is the application we will be using to clone our partition.
draalin2 1 Parted Magic


Select “device-device” since we are copying from one hard drive to another.
draalin2 2 Parted Magic


Select “Beginner”
draalin2 3 Parted Magic


Select “part_to_local_part” as both of these hard drives are connected to the host computer.
draalin2 4 Parted Magic


We will be selecting the “sda1” as it is our source drive which we want to make a copy of.
draalin2 5 Parted Magic


We will be selecting the “sda2” as it is the target hard drive to be copied to.
draalin2 6 Parted Magic


Pick “Select checking/repairing…” as it is not needed.
draalin2 7 Parted Magic


Press “Enter”
draalin2 8 Parted Magic


Enter “Y” plus press “Enter”
draalin2 9 Parted Magic


Enter “Y” plus press “Enter”
draalin2 10 Parted Magic


Press “Enter” and your cloning will begin!
draalin2 11 Parted Magic


You will see various screens with different steps completing which will eventually end with it announcing it is complete!



  • Additional Parted Magic information can be found here
  • If you are interested in figuring out how to resize a partition check out my other guide here

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