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How to View the Full Version of Facebook on Your Android Phone or Tablet

Although Facebook’s mobile site offers a quick and convenient way of accessing its most common features, sometimes you might have to view the full version of Facebook in order to accomplish your task. However, when you visit facebook.com from your phone or tablet, you’ll most likely be redirected to the mobile version of the site by default. You have several ways of dealing with this issue and viewing the desktop version.

Method One – Set Chrome to Show You Only Desktop Versions of Sites

This method is appropriate for people who want to view all websites they visit in their desktop form.

1. Chrome options

1. Launch Chrome and tap the menu button to see Chrome’s options.

2. Request Desktop Site

2. Place a checkmark after the Request Desktop Site option.

3. Full Facebook

3. Navigate to facebook.com. If Facebook was already opened, the page will reload automatically and you’ll be able to view the non-mobile version of Facebook.

Method Two – Switch to the Desktop Site

Use this method if you want to view the full version Facebook and continue using the mobile versions of other websites. Note that the steps below might change when Facebook decides to redesign their mobile site.

1. Hamburger button

1. Open Chrome, go to facebook.com and tap the hamburger button in the top right corner in order to view Facebook’s main menu.

2. Desktop Site

2. Scroll down until you reach the end of the menu and tap on the Desktop site link. At this point you’ll be taken to the familiar non-mobile version of Facebook.

What if I don’t Use Chrome?

In that case, Method Two is your best bet. Another option may be to try and change the User Agent of the browser you’re using. A User Agent is essentially the name of the browser as websites see it. If you change it to a desktop browser, websites will believe that you’re browsing on your computer and present you with their non-mobile versions. Unfortunately, the steps needed to change the User Agent vary greatly from app to app, so we cannot give you more concise instructions.

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