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draalin.com is a rather old tech website that has changed quite a bit the past few years. We’re strictly a technology blog that focuses on topics/products such as Apple, Android, Windows, & Ubuntu. We’ve never been much of a rumors or news website as we’ve always loved producing guides/how-to’s as at least to us it’s much more rewarding!

Now you might be wondering why and what do you have to offer me if I write for draalin.com? There’s one thing we offer in compensation and that’s split ad revenue. We’ve never liked model of a set rate for writers as it feels like it’s more of a employer vs employee relationship. We would rather have a partnership as not only does it reward you as a writer in a better compensation – but it’s ongoing!

If you’re still interested fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly 🙂

  • Please write between 150-300 words.